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Luxury Car Hire & V.I.P. Service

With V.I.P Car Hire you are able to rent cars all around Europe, USA and the United Arab Emirates. In addition to that we offer you a variety of different V.I.P services around your car rental and your stay at your final destination. We will have your desired car at your disposal quickly and easily. Not only will we deliver exactly the model which was booked, but also will you receive unbeatable terms of conditions. Book with V.I.P. Car Hire today and we will take care of your concerns with German thoroughness and reliability.

Car Categories

Choose from the different categories the car that matches your desire best. You want the car to be particularly sturdy and off-road? Then go for a SUV. You would like to enjoy the Spanish sun? Then go for a convertible that suits your taste.

Rental Places

In those countries we supply most of our cars. In corporation with reliable partners and in some cases with our own vehicles on site. If you are looking for a car in another country please feel free to get in touch with us.

Luxury Car Brands

If you are looking for a different brand that is not listed here please get in touch with us. Almost every time we are able to offer other brands through our partners.

Top Destinations

Rent a luxury car and visit those exciting destinations. We can provide the right vehicle for any destination at any season. We are looking forward to delivering the right vehicle your respective time of the year.

Rental Service

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Our Services

In addition to your car rental we offer various services related to your rental and your stay. Our staff is exceptionally trained to provide you with the best possible service. Making your stay an unforgettable experience.

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